Sacred Breath Drum Art.
Sacred Breath Drum Art.



Laurel Emert makes these sacred drums of elk hide that is blessed and prayed for both before and after the drum making process. She gives thanks for the hides and the animals who provided them. The same is done for the wood in the frames and all other materials that are used. Since these drums represent those made by the Native Peoples of North America, she follows a similar practice in making them. In this way, she hopes to show respect and bring good feelings into the world.

For those drums that are painted, acrylic paint is used and is very durable. Purchasers of drums may choose among many designs or may commission the artist to paint any design they may wish, including those from their own visions. Also, the artist has experience in spirit traveling to find a design especially suited to a particular customer.

A drum care instruction paper is enclosed with each drum purchased so that buyers will know how to care for their drum. A drum beater is also included.

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