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Laurel's Vision and Philosophy

Each drum is made in a sacred manner. It is smudged with the smoke of sage, cedar and sweetgrass to remove any unwanted energies and to help bring in the energy of Love. Prayers of thanks are offered to the elk that give their bodies for the use of the two-leggeds as well as for the wooden hoops and all the other materials that are used. Prayers are made for each drum before starting its construction, when it is finished and when it is painted. It is asked for the drum to be an instrument of Love in each person's life who it goes to, for anyone who hears it, as well as in the world and the universe. Each drum goes to the person it is meant to be with and helps to bring what they need into their life. All this is possible and anything is possible with God, the Source of all Love and there is no power but God. This is not about any religion, but simply living from the heart. Living in this manner is available to every person. It is through the gift of Trust and Faith that our lives become filled with happiness, regardless of outside circumstances or what is happening in the world.

Drumming is one way to release ourselves from the grip of this outward reality which is not real. Black Elk, the famous Lakota holy man said, "The voice of the drum is an offering to the Spirit of the World. Its sound arouses the mind and makes humans feel the mystery and power of things." Drumming opens our hearts to let healing occur. Every culture holds the energy of the heartbeat that lives in the drum, giving all people the ability to share in the language of the universe, the sound of life.

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