Sacred Breath Drum Art.
Sacred Breath Drum Art.

About The Artist...

Laurel Emert from Whitefish, Montana.

Laurel Emert, Sacred Breath Drum Art.

Laurel has been an artist all her life. Her purpose is to bring in the beauty of the spiritual world from visionary experiences (her own and others) and to represent scenes from this incredible planet we live on. "Artists can never really duplicate what has already been created, but we try, with the intent of freezing in time, one tiny moment of beauty." Seeing herself as very visual Laurel sees beyond the limits of our physical existence.

The drums Laurel makes and paints also represent the melding of our physical and spiritual worlds, both through the images painted on them and the sound that comes from them. Drum making became part of her art expression while living in Colorado where she was drawn to Native American Spirituality. She had joined with a group of people interested in learning and practicing Native ways. She made a drum out of materials gifted by a friend. She continued to make drums and it was a natural extension of her artistic talent to paint designs on many of the drums she created.

After moving to Montana in 1998, Laurel continued her drum making and painting. She also found a spiritual teacher and became a member of a Sisiwiss Medicine Circle. Sisiwiss means Sacred Breath, the life force energy. It comes from the First Peoples of the Northwest Coast of North America.

Laurel states, "I have always been fascinated by the ways of the Indigenous peoples of this planet. We have much to learn from their thousands of years of experience that have been passed down through songs, stories and dances.... things that cannot be learned from any book." Laurel received shamanic training in the Sisiwiss tradition. The drum making became part of this practice. She walks a path that has no name and is led by Spirit.

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