Sacred Breath Drum Art. Native American Drum Art. Ceremonial Drums.
Sacred Breath Drum Art. Sacred Breath Drum Art

Site of Laurel Emert from Whitefish, Montana.

Travel the journey that has brought Laurel to this time and place, to where she shares her drums and artwork. Drop us a line if you have enjoyed your walk thru her site.

Drum Quote

“Every culture holds the energy of the heartbeat that lives in the drum, giving all people this ability to share in the language of the universe, the sound of life. The drum beat is a form of expression that allows our spirits to speak to each other’s heart. It is a way to connect to all life. Every living thing has a vibration, a heartbeat. This vibration has the power to heal, transform and raise consciousness to our minds, heal our hearts, activate our bodies and feed our spirit.”

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